Sunday, June 26, 2022

During second visit to father, I have pointed out for one of the residents even location in Novo mesto region where she is from

Her daughter and am adding fact right now that daughter's daughter indicated interest to marry me...will have video released on subject. More people involved in MK Ultra met me - thats right.

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš(police - Ogulin/Gulaj team) played under MK Ultra with father's saliva issue which he wouldn't allow anyone to they insisted under MK Ultra infront of me with , "I KNOW WHAT I KNOW HOW TO CONVINCE ONE OR HOW TO TRICK ONE"...neighbor Andrej Uhl invented during MK Ultra how father could push saliva out of mouth by pushing one through straw...Kapš invented how to trick one with 

sucking mouths compressor which removes saliva via narrow tube...Mr. Janko demonstrated me two days ago how father can be tricked into having tube pushed into mouths on occasions and father demonstrated me how sharp his teeth are as he bite tube and just as he demonstrated in hospital unwillingness to have hearing aid inserted(he gave insane reactions) to know exact movement anywhere near one regardless of paralyzed right side what if I would insist could be misused to accuse me of wrongdoings - what police hoped for and what father was heavily trained for under MK Ultra.

To come home and recuperate himself for new season of fishing, father was advised will have to eat food, allow staff for saliva to be sucked out of mouths so he won't choke on one - cooperate in another words....insane situations as dictated by police, but so it goes....he does allow me insert one hearing aid do.

They rehearsed this crime INDIRECTLY IN-FRONT OF ME for over a decade -with Janez Ogulin(Novo mesto soon to be charged with human trafficking and torture - now a police director of Novo mesto) observing crime from the side...they wanted me to take initiative too far and do what could be used to get me into legal trouble....

One of investigators Ogulin used for MK Ultra transport between MK Ultra dots in Slovenia(already since early MK Ultra days, but very very actively between years 2008 and 2012 till I no longer could take shit from one) was a 180cm tall very short hair now age 55 - 60 investigator...

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