Friday, June 10, 2022

British royals used to frequently visit Ireland since 1995 for the sake of mini marathons(prince Andrew was the main enthusiast of running and hiking all over Ireland)

 It was strange to notice being drugged up next to Londoners in Ireland where they received modest, but still attention worthy reception from Irish...while royals did sip cash on the side to locals to get extras, I haven't noticed any serious hostilities...police and Irish military catered their needs from left/right front and rear...from experience, I can tell Ireland is a British trap that well easily can cost ignorant foreigner a life(a backstabbing I have experienced in Britain and Ireland, I have not experienced anywhere in Europe). They both enjoy nothing more than torture. Addicted to SATANISM(lies, cheating, torture).

Princess Anne was a frequent supporter of sporty games on for Canada and Australia with which royals threatened me I would cease to see again in case of support for Ireland, they can all go to hell for what I am concerned. There was nothing other but lies and torture in Australia and Canada. 

Same culture same human mentally ILL shit(seems crime/lies is embedded in their violent genetic they brought along since early days when Britain resettled its portion of population with crime records to newly established colonies). They think human trafficking/ torture through sleep deprivation/ death threats are ice cream - sick enough to present me torture under MK Ultra as a exclusive privilege....Ireland, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are not first world as they address themselves in media as, these are dumpsters with extras due to number of OWN people they leave behind as homeless(they cut back on tax Dollars expense by getting rid older portion of population and hospital bills by charging people quadruple). Ireland this is even worse than Britain for those who care to see one and just as in Britain, NOBODY is welcome for more than few days...

British royals insisted me Britain as the only future, well....future in hell from what I can tell about one. Never saw one with my own eyes(ONLY DURING MK ULTRA) and never ever care to see one - in fact I don't want to see one even on the map any longer.

Experience with extremely poor India when compared to USA in year 1999 thought me that United States alone was country I begun to deeply hate during MK Ultra torture due to its murderous lies and bestial lifestyle one presented me as a "opportunity"...poor, but far more honest - far more human. Same thing was with China and other countries worldwide...wherever Britons, Canadians, Australians, and Americans meddled and they meddled everywhere, there were only problems that followed up on me and this is what Anglo Saxon scum ALSO used me steer problems between nations throughout globe. 

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