Wednesday, June 15, 2022

@Dutch Subaru crew of three(village people) who came to visit me from Holland(met at Lidl just now)

 If you want to spend some time in Novo mesto or when on your way back, make detour from Gradac back to Novo mesto. Visit me at home at Krka 1 where you already visited in the past. Thank you for coming all the way from Holland and even more so for being friends during MK Ultra hardship.

These guys openly expressed concerns in front of me under MK Ultra about my being mistreated in other Dutch towns and will accordingly to mentioned also treat them in special light. 

You are always welcome to stop bye and thank you for coming from so far away.  There is Otočec near here and you can also go for a swimming and sightseeing with me. I have not made it with camera when trying to take photos....

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