Saturday, June 18, 2022

I think Zelensky is a great president(A MUST TO STAY PRESIDENT), but to liberate Ukraine of Russian occupation without which Ukraine is not Ukraine - more than just handouts and EU membership will be necessary

 Just as there is no Ukraine without Crimea and Donetsk, there is no Europe without Ukraine. NATO will have to cross into Ukraine and alongside Ukrainian troops force murderous Russian military back to its Russian soil - NATO can't afford any longer to just lodge on borders of Ukraine and ship on Ukrainian front-lines outdated equipment to starved Ukrainian military...NATO's air superiority over Ukrainian skies is a basic precondition for NATO to accomplish such WORTHY TO EUROPE task... - 

@NATO - It was Ukrainian willingness to open itself for world that was/is a main reason for Russian war on Ukraine just as the case is with Taiwan where China is trying to impose by copying Russia its rule via violent schizophrenic attitude....for this to take place, is a must !!!

While Zelensky's language skills(Ukrainian) are far better than mine and his Ukrainian war-field technicality next to strong relations he developed over the years with key Western figures a best in Ukraine, he will have to unlock to Ukraine full Western military support potential which at this point is extra limited due to internally ran politics on the West....Ukraine need push which will give edge to Western politicians for those to act autonomous enough to perform their jobs as appointed for according to their national interests.
Before it gets all too late....

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