Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mother DESCRIBED INDIRECTLY father TODAY as scared IN HOME FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE - traumatized(yelling and screaming at hospital staff on any attempt to have either mouths cleaned up or injection given)

 And while using exactly opposite words(twisting those into sentence upon which only can conclude how father is a trouble maker who objects to slightest touch), it would be ALSO impossible for me to ignore fact that he treats me in exactly same way - and while I treated one with exceptional care to foremost protect myself, Slovenian police as well as my niece Urska Golob Veber(her husband) did used silicone mask of me. They further used silicone mask of mother, mother's statement(and my own observation of one) how one, however, has brain attentive enough to follow conversation only is confirming initial suspicions of police involvement and his acting on behalf of police. He heard me and understood me talking to one even without hearing aid...

There was a talk apparently between nurse Janko whom father regarded as friend and vice-versa about fishing what calmed father as mother rehearsed from MK Ultra brainwash - it was used in REALITY to remind me foremost of Janko's claims how it could be like or like that and for writing anything negative of father one would let father go immediately...Janko under MK Ultra torture insisted on dangers of state prosecutors and would take full responsibility. EVEN THAT I WAS THE ONE BECAUSE OF WHOM HIS LIFE WAS DESTROYED TO REPEAT JANKO'S WORDS "WORD FOR WORD" :)))))

There is no difference in here between mother and father. I finally got to know both and the circumstances police with the two used to bail one another out via CRIME. They got it done via forced unemployment and my being branded as paranoid schizophrenic(listed a domestic crimes under my background record) since 2013 - created me 100% financially controlled environment since 2013. Controlled every cent.

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