Sunday, June 26, 2022

Novo mesto police investigators frequently walked house during MK Ultra(even with parents unpresent) - all the areas of house

No one was more obsessed with my death in the future than director of Novo mesto police Janez Ogulin who the last time provided transport for my mother and myself under MK Ultra torture to home for elderly in 2017(in morning hours, one came to pick us up) - did nothing but death threaten from our house to home for elderly people in-front of mother who claimed me on million occasions knows him not..

It was all about poisoning - poisoned, dead already will be 100% dead "IF YOU MENTION OR TURN AGAINST POLICE" and what followed up as  usually nothing you will be capable to do about by American side(interestingly enough, it was always either British or Americans they would use to afterwards create out of death threats or other torture a collateral issue - they fortified one by repeating me due to number of people involved there is nothing one can do about it and its what MK Ultra was/is all about - a collateral murder on a bright daylight).

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