Tuesday, April 6, 2021

I was concentrated on my stuff(my work), but since family had and has other plans - I will redirect from MK Ultra work into closure of the deal that should have been done when I was 10 years old(should have called police 39 years ago at age, but never is too late)

 I didn't even start conflict or anything(was ready to even let them get away with it) - treated them with respect since return from Poland, but since they insist on this  - THEY WILL GET MY FULL ATTENTION. None of them can ever redeem themselves for their crimes against me as those were acts of pure evil(sadism and interests of which some beside torture involved financial) - not ignorance. 

They can't serve two either since I rejected them long time ago by causing me more evil on behalf of someone else as they insisted till they catch themselves in it...if I did worked according to this logic and even regard one as they demanded, lots of people would caught themselves voluntarily in net but due to amount of abuse I would be destroyed regardless - my spine suffered general health too, but they want all.

I will not do job search, no longer publish and collect MK Ultra evidence, and play at the same time with their violent b.s. any longer - lets complete "violent" and then move on.

They are now my #1 priority. This is how and this is why.

Note, no email(contact of any kind) ever from individual and his family involved in this case for over 25 years - that's US president Joe Biden. Nothing up to date...

Sleep deprivation is now a new weight loss technique next to broken spine, real poisoning, 26 years of MK Ultra torture, and forced unemployment....my "momma" brainwash under MK Ultra laughingly with I cite, "we are gonna go to home for elderly - what are you gonna do about it !!??? with Warp speed heh !!????

Others involved did too and they were all heart broken due to my behavior under MK Ultra...

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