Thursday, April 1, 2021

Bitcoins payments are sooooo good(great) that think will remove all possibilities of using one under donation page

Never received dime from anyone - not even those who claimed me under MK Ultra will donate me if I give possibility of donations via bitcoin option - anonymous donation possibility. The thing about bitcoin is that anonymous donor can donate to whatever banking option you post as available to public, but banking institution can also anonymous steal that bitcoin from you without your ever knowing you received a dime on your account - bitcoin is a perfect and proffered government scam - in my opinion a scam of the century. And its not about bitcoin alone, but also all other crypto currencies. Anonymous is a world of scam - nothing good was produced via one.

There is also just soooo much blah blah about cryptocurrencies in main stream media - all good/great while so many people can't meet their bitter ends....I never ever received dime from an anyone ever and this donation option if anything, makes me look bad is also why - AFTER ONE YEAR, ALL CRYPTO WALLET/ACCOUNTS OPTIONS WERE REMOVED FROM MY NEWS SITE.

Never heard for anyone that would want to save money in a form of balloons, but I hear news about Elon Musk making billions via Bitcoin...if no one is saving money via bitcoin then how Musk is making billions with one !!???? If everybody would trade +++ then nobody would go broke trading one...scam of century - bitcoin.

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