Monday, March 13, 2023

We are now waiting for Zelensky being kicked out

As I stated, Zelensky indicated Ukraine will have one kicked out and replace with unfortunately yet another Zelensky...Zelensky knew his chain of betrayal will sooner or latter became evident.
Zelesnky is hipping volunteers(exactly what Putin requested from one) on front lines these days and one is concerned rather with name of the Russia as Muscovy(wants to steer hatred - fascism for Putin to mealt down more Ukranian will for life and for one to acknowledge Ukraine infront of world as fascist state) - about what went on beginning 1995 in respect to coming war on Ukraine inside this house and with me throughout Russia, Ukraine, Britain, USA, Germany, Belarus - not...its a meat grinder say British media with 1000 Russian soldiers lost every day, but meat grinder has its price and Russia took almost entire coast of Ukraine with great portion of eastern part of Ukraine and Zelensky who contemplates on offensive IN TWO MONTHS, will be holding on too his positions against Putin this summer possibly even along Dnjeper river....Zelensky time Ahhh yeah, we at EU and USA are committed to support Ukraine for as long as it takes - GERMAN TANKS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER !!! Thank you India for beautiful video.

@Ukarine -Balalaika along Dnjeper river - this summer. You will never ever get Russia out of where one is, but you will be capable to built yourself a Klitschko statue on Kiev side of the Dnieper big as Klitschko or even as bigger than what he to him Zelensky...the liberators(known).

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