Wednesday, March 8, 2023

@South Africa

 Enforce(finacially and afterwards through court for those who refuse to follow ANTO COLONIALIST ANTI NAZI ANTI FASCIST NORMS in post British Dutch "Apartheid" society) ZULU XHOSA LANGUAGE throughout your public educational system for absolutely everyone to use them. As for private education in Afrikaans, make sure one is worth your tax $$$$$ - also make one as unofficial and unequal to formal education or private institutions which, however, are willing to follow up with national requirements. Same goes for work public environment. You are heavily lagging behind with reforms...Afrikaans belongs to Holland and Belgium and of Mississippi and Texas.

In South Africa just as in Holland or Germany or UK, native language requirements should be enforced. Learn and use language or follow your trail where you can practice one...related to 

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