Thursday, March 2, 2023

Sister Sirivannavari of Princess Bajrakitiyabha told me that I must state she also worked in that paper processing office or it will mean to her that I sort of hate her

Princess Sirivannavari sure did worked in that office AND WAS ETREMELLY PROPER/PROFESSIONAL just as her older sister and and I sure do not hate her. Bajrakitiyabha, however, owns my heart. I don't hate anyone in Asia. All Asian royals were very nice to me. Sweet and caring. Next to Japanese, Malaysian Royals loved me and love me unconditionally. I have no clue about who loves whom, but nobody really hated me. Everybody loved me even Papua New Guinea wildmen with machineguns and bows and arrows loved me till British convinced opposite - I still love you guys and feel you are special as a black race in that remote part of the world. EVERBODY HATED ME FOR LIKING PAPUA NEW GUINEA WILDMEN REBELS IN 1995 and 1996 - NOBODY APPROVED(nor did CIA NOR DID BRITISH WHO STARTED TO PADDLE IN OPPOSIRE DIRECTION OF THEIR INITIAL VIEWS DUE TO FEAR AGAINST ME - BRITISH FEARED ME AS SATAN FEARS CROSS) THEM OTHER THAN MYSELF AND YOU GUYS IN GUNIEA KNOW THAT. 

I don't really have any enemies in Asia.

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