Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Nobody in Novo mesto city tortured more than insurance company Sava - my EX best friend Simon demonstrated me one(employed in there) when meeting me according to MK Ultra scenario

 Company is located at Seidlova cesta 5 in Novo mesto and Slovenian police have designed with my family for Simon to return on picture(ex police officer) during what one deemed will become crucial for my survival time since I would have no family member to assist me...unfortunately for out friendship, Simon have chosen a part time employment which had a lot to do with torture. His family(sister etc.) also chose benefits of torture vs sincerity and for that matter I do have to thank them all with thanks but no thanks. NEVER AGAIN. As for Sava company, nothing but torture since 1995 introduced in through Milan Kučan personally. Don't want any family or friends like this anywhere near me.

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