Monday, March 6, 2023

I thank Thai royal family for their sacrifice, however, we will never ever see each other again

 I deem(especially due to newest Slovenian police play with watches delivered that one no longer wanted me on the picture anywhere near - something both Thai Royals(King Maha and his father) already openly suggested me during MK Ultra. And while there are 

different ways to approach person to correct wrongdoings, there ALSO was and is as I stated above. If playing with issues under MK Ultra as seen above involving good faith(if I would to help whomever), I would make bloody sure those never would come trough.

I feel Thai royal family accommodated best to their abilities and have used Slovenian police/psychiatry(begining 1995 and since) to exercise violence against me - to handle me like an animal basically. It will stay like this. Wishing you all the best, but for me its it. 

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