Thursday, September 1, 2022

Novo mesto police director Janez Ogulin sends a complainer(from same place as from police director who left in 2000 - Šentjernej) at home who appeared was bothered about my night whereabouts exercise wise

 Where did lady(involved in crime since 1995 and for wrong reasons - performed torture on me accordingly with police instructions even at her customers with customers - supported on the side by psychiatrists) learned about problem, I have no clue other than stated in title as she keeps and kept very secretive during pedicure of my mother(trimmed her nails etc.)....

Next to emotional support for my mother who this morning called me again "dung, shit" for no apparent

reason(I instead reminded her of and due to her laughter asked her what impact one had on residents of Croatia and Bosnia), goal obviously was to create provocation, but I was not interested beyond obtaining audio mommy has answers to answer - in Hague. The audio is fine...@Ogulin - thank you...

Ohhh, and she complained to me about long work hours I suppose...hilarious - read above about how far she went to get them despite wealth these people enjoyed.

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