Sunday, October 3, 2021

PEOPLE PAYING TOO LITTLE ATTENTION TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE AND FAR TOO MUCH TO KIM JONG-UN: Global situation specially domestically on the Western Europe as well as in USA is deteriorating citizens' rights extremely fast - why do you think is that

Whom do you think Buckingham palace prefers to negotiate with !!???? Lunatic Kim Jong-Un or normal individual !!???? Gangster Putin tsar wannabe or what otherwise would be representative of people's voice !!????? They all work together with one another and are rounding up humanity for good. Next for you and your kids are chip controlled wallets, brain implants, even charge for oxygen. You will all shit to eat and eat to shit. They just need shit to usable converter as they have done with water recycling and you are all set for next millennium. Kim Jong-Un with his sister also see himself aligned to Buckingham palace more than Korean people and don't ask why ....

They are all royals - its one big happy club and family and they always are on hunt of the most vulnerable.

If I knew on here before, I would have given them a treatment indifferent from the one I gave Lukashenko and his KGBs in Belarus in 2003.

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