Monday, October 4, 2021

After bike assault on me yesterday at 2210 hours, death threat under MK Ultra which exampled Swedish Prophet Muhammad cartoonist killed in car crash" surfaces, so called International Consortium of Investigative Journalists release "Leaked 'Pandora' records" and Queen rocks "Platinum Jubilee" party"

First thanks god(with small g) for journalists that work that hard to bring us the truth and under which wings democracy is dyeing all over the world. I truly wouldn't know what to do without sweethearts so productive for our societies - they are almost as productive as so called "human rights agencies", but too bad to serve as nothing other than cover-ups
(they are trash truth boys - cloud the world with lies and point "truth" whenever convenient for those whom data they released so they demonstrate us mortals through reading just how UNIMPORTANT despite all we in reality are as is nothing anyone in reality ever accomplished - can do about it)
 for the word "democracy". Queen properly handles "their" corrupt riot(she has them stored in the pocket just as entire British opposition) by throwing party out to demonstrate world many different colors of "truth" united under one umbrella.

Bizarre did Putan Putanowich next to his Western British London/Sverige entitled comrades(at this point and time, we can call him partner just as worthy of royal title as lazy  good for nothing Western cartel which scratches ass all day long when compared to one) and others insisted me under MK Ultra how I will have to shut mouths up or die just as the case will be with participating Lars Vilks - meaning Lars Vilks didn't die, but because of what is coming next its better for him and his crew to disappear. He completed his well paid tasks and its time for afterlife. What Putin and Queen somehow didn't get and seems do not is that I am not Lars Vilks or he or one of the entitled London drunks.

Swedish Prophet Muhammad cartoonist killed in car crash

I will release audio and file police report on individual(and bus driver from few days ago) also involved in MK Ultra who pushed me basically(he pedaled on sidewalk with such velocity while using bells from distance - over 100kg 1.9m tall - either you move or get either broken or even killed.) at pitch dark under street lights at 2210 hours from side walk - pedestrian walk. Man from what I can recall in MK Ultra is from Bršlin, Novo mesto and is blue eyes even blonde Slovenian native.

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