Sunday, October 3, 2021

1 of 2 I will charge prince Charles with murder attempt

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Bus driver in his 60sties(sixties) if from Podgorje somewhere. Had me at his home etc. and is a very nice man. Charles had white sweater in 1995 and 1996 so he could be visible as much as possible in case things would go wrong - just in case, but look what my case resulted in.

@Ursula von der Leyen - remember when Merkel brought me on visits to you to London when you were still nobody and nothing on political map !!????? Read my complain to understand where and what I was back then already....its not that I wouldn't know my place or somehow mistaken myself despite all for a totally worn out due to abuse aged hooker(I have far more respect for them than you guys). I am not your nutte is am trying to say. You are pathetic also education wise when compared to me. Who do you think told guys who complained about cancer to eat nettles since those claimed me spinach is needed.

Unfinished complain

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