Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Everyone knew since 1999 with certainty(for Donald Trump since 1996) that concerning prince Charles, one is as good as dead if running from Russia to UK - in my opinion to any Western destination for that matter as British royals have proven itself according to my experience lethal per global cooperation with just about any state willing to pay for one with collaboration

I explain everything under complain and in great details about what prince Charles' view on world was in 1996 already. Russia got whatever Russia asked for and this from the top of the British state which other European monarchies humbly followed - and US provided unconditional support for. Went same for US. Be very careful if dealing with officials asking you about your views on Russia whether you are in US or Great Britain. Know that on the top of the state, things are completely opposite from what world appears from bellow. Think Romanov's cousins...

From improved complain https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/09/upgraded-complain-i-didnt-get-to.html 

Trust me, when it comes to Russia, there is no worse retreat if running from one that in United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia.  And bad luck will follow you to other parts of the West as well.

From Sergei and Yulia Skripal to God knows just how many other people https://time.com/5725041/uk-russian-assassins-heidi-blake/ 


The one for whom I was told about almost immediately gave information about myself in respect to Milan Kučan's Western sting operation to eastern team of Kučan Lukashenko Putin IN 1996 was no other than Donald Trump at whom everyone for that matter in Western team was angry – at least they displayed in front of me anger issues/frustration at him with some claiming how they will never speak with Donald Trump again and have demanded him out(48 hours max and approached one despite my anger and protest). It was Angela Merkel who calmed them down in respect to Trump and explained me since I protested Charles' attitude almost indifferent from Trump on how there is nothing they can do as number one here from European side was in fact prince Charles.


Till then passive toward my MK Ultra case, a gangster Donald Trump demanded further for my case to be handed to him completely – once Donald Trump was detected as traitor, Donald Trump instead begun to rush on how we have to trust one another. Surprisingly and again against my views I just at the time ended sacrificing life for. Much more relaxed prince Charles(after he got his sting done) was more and more aboard Trump's ideology “on how we have to trust one another” too and what made me feel gradually even more so betrayed – if it wasn't for German, Scandinavian and Dutch side whole thing would end for me right there and then as I have had enough of Charles as well. This treacherous attitude of Charles which I demanded from variety of European politicians as well as royalties to be stopped at all costs, instead was becoming more and more evident from my side as a detrimental factor effecting my morals which were fading away in respect to entire Western ethics.

Charles begun to build his newly founded concerning eastern Europe empire, based on betrayal against me. Have ideologically connected himself to Kremlin to degree when both of his grown up kids openly solicited for one since 1999 and contrary to whenever in Slovenia, I became guilty in eyes of William as well as Harry for just about everything whenever in Great Britain – 15/17 years old royal kids were publicly scapegoating and shaming all over London 27 years old professional from USA – a native of Slovenia where they were more than welcome in his own house on quite a few occasions. Since 2008, these two grownups dared me with I cite , “we won't be capable to save you any longer unless you become part of Russian team”(attitude since 2008) demanding from me to even abandon idea about Slovenia for the sake of their global agenda.

Still and despite partially stated above if thats not bad enough from my perspective, 1996 Sting operation of Milan Kučan in Slovenia, however, had two extremely yielding outcomes for the West as whole as was told. Next to one giving itself even lead in respect to human rights issues when compared to eastern European Milan Kučan audio recorded views, American Bill Clinton's side felt sudden urge to approximate through heated debates to otherwise quite distant to them American Republican side and American as whole to Western European team's views. As a result much closer cooperation commenced due to incident – present prince Charles melted due to satisfaction.


While more or less in the same team, American Democrats kept separate from Republican side and as whole from European team till they learned about just how insane eastern European side really was - I observed them polarized till incident even in respect to American and British with what appeared to me at the time was great deal of suspicion – with reserved approach from all the sides involved that somewhat bordered me. It actually bothered me quite a lot as I wanted all parties involved to work with one another.

CHARLES WAS ON HIS TOES TILL STING OPERATION – Andrew with his laid back attitude with occasional alcohol bottle found on the side under his pillow did quite opposite for Charles's tranquility, two Western staff members also got in trouble of some kind with what most likely was alcohol, and observing myself drugged up while asking Charles as per why not to relax instead did him no good either – I cite Charles in 1996 and to what William and Harry laughed along, time and again, years latter, “how can I relax...you are asking me if I am okay and to relax, but you do know you are drugged up yourself right ?”

Consequences for my Western team's rescue operation were dire – came to me with astronomical costs

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