Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Romanov's Italian bride in fact was an offer from Silvio Berlusconi to me as first in 2004 if not earlier since Italian side claimed I discriminated against them

 Offer which I gladly accepted just to be taken away from "potential bride" and have Romanov instead introduced into MK Ultra scenario shortly after crying my being racist toward his beautiful bride to become - to what Italian side which acknowledged RUSSIAN LIE GAME laughed. 

@Romanov - don't you never ever date to depict in my face again as "someone" who will or will not approve as you stated to me under MK Ultra. You and your broken Yugo bandit Karađorđević.

Its how Russian prince rescued beautiful princess from frog. To be quite detailed on Romanov who arrived in 1998 to this house(was relatively late in MK Ultra involvement) and from here on life designed by governments took him to Rome without dime in his pocket. Literately. 

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