Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Putin and Medvedev referred privately to Great Britain as Cannibal Island

With all the good reasons

Must be the sickest place in the world. Strange that none of the billionaires Musks, Bezos etc. with what I should and will compared myself with despite here seen William and Harry demands for me to see myself in - they insisted me pushed me in my face under MK Ultra cancerous patients people with broekn spines, but declined at large to want to have anything to do with Polish hunger games they promoted and cashed from.. British royals demanded for me to see myself in those who suffered cancers or ended up with broken spines - financed mentioned against me. 

It was Angela Merkel who forced(raped me) me back to their environment since 1996. Insisted on this freeloaders coming to our house in Slovenia.

@Cannibal family United Kingdom - I will believe you when you satans accomplish something human dignity worthy, but till then you will remain someone I saw through since 1996 as for what one truly was is - not the only one as is written in books that you are worst of the worst this world experienced in form of human exploitation$$$$ theft murderers I do one thing do, and that is ask your brainwashed piper how his wife got cancer.

Did you test some medications on her or perhaps assisted one in search of new lady !!???? Its all normal in your world.

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