Thursday, October 17, 2019

Watch yourself Israel

Putin is a funny dude - think his daughter's husband husband...

Who knows what Turks(allies of Germany for many decades) may have in b background and it may not even be Turks that would could be delivered from Russian side which might have been given deadly cargo by US or who knows whom...people in game are people on whom I never ever would rely upon. Cause itself is a global imperialism in the name of neonazism.

On new territories of Israel(Syria), Russians, Ukrainians, and Poles with non Aryan features(with any combination of Jewish or Asian DNA etc.) would be thrown as well - beside Jews that is...IF SOMETHING ABOVE WOULD EVER COME TO REALIZATION.

Yes, democrats will according to US government give Trump green light to for such as was released to prompt me on what to write, so they can see themselves as in news and signal advancement in here mentioned plan(already explained plan in 2017).

Ganz(opposition) also seats next to Netanyahu iknside of the government to as I was told assure "fair play"(fear of too much power given to one stooge) of Netanyahu in near future...

Either way more wor. Crazies are dealing cards, so lets see it.

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