Sunday, October 13, 2019

Lasted on this job so all that wanted this to happen

can sleep in peace. Foremost to award Zgierzan community...Lodz. Share with them painfull past( many are crippled in Zgierz) and to remind of importance Zgierzan sawing tradition.

Opposite of Kaczynski who argued with Netanyahu a coming monument which is standing next to library in center of Zgierz(McDonalds), when conditioned by Israeli investments if not dedicating one to 5000 Zgierzans/Lodzans whom Hitler murdered, I praise exustance of DNA which persists in about 80% of Poles...I love Poland for what it is and for the way people look. And you Poland have to love yourself as such as well or you will not exist. Cleansing presence of any DNA from Poland(what Kaczynski does) is a crime and ultimate betrayal of all others. It shows weaknes to the outside enemies at the top of the state.

Love yourself Poland.

I have no regrets...I would have done it all over again. Am glad I did.

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