Friday, October 25, 2019

Germany already decalred WW3 on Estern Europe(MONEY REPLACED BOMBS) - we just have to admit ourselfves

13.000 Ukrainianjs DEAD, numerous from Donetsk/Crimea are refugees, numerous unemployed searching for work across the border. The economic situation of Ukrainians critical. In Poland ethnic cleansing is taking place done by Russian German agent Kaczynski. In Russia the same as in Poland by German agent Putin. Death via social engineering not more pleasant than the front line.

Tactics of German state against me directly invlving procedure in which I was subjected to total humiliation(inferiority) and other most violent tools of oppression beside above-stated explain exactly what we are dealing with here.

Germany chocked me for no less than 11 years on European Court for Human Rights. 

Not that it will happen, it already happened as stated in title.


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