Saturday, October 26, 2019

The seller of the car claimed owned car only for 4 days - other owner(1st one) since 1999

Seller of car drove car at least since 2017 for fact and have not even changed oil in one for the last 14.000 was done police in such way that one pushed issues same as for the job which I refused to change till fired(till contract ended basically) - car was placed on address of Belarus individual(I sure was nasty to him) who I supposedly have hurt and so like it or not I liked it from the first moment I found car for which he claimed he didn't even have for sale...I felt therefore and since searching for car obligated to purchase one. There was much much more than just that to this very sale made by Zgierzan police...

I have nooo regrets do...the job even that crippled to very today was by far the best job ever in my life time because people whom i supposedly have insulted have seen real me vs what police have created for the sake of

Everything, incl. car purchase, I would have done it all over again. Seller of car innocent. Is a real Pole, however, the landlord and neighbor are PIS members - official or unofficial racist biggots which benefitted from Americans and have dared to even express interest under MKultra in determining what/who is fit to be in Poland or not based on looks...hey hey
I love Ukraine...would love to love the mentioned psychologist. Reject crime just as she did on multiple level and that included her ex-husband who demanded from her a bit too much for the sake of injustice...there will be no free firewood this year for grandma.

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