Sunday, October 20, 2019

I feel as persona non grata in Poland and as such dont plan on stay here

Hatred toward me is impossible to describe. Police organized along with broader Polish government a totail haist against me. They dont control residences only, but also car market through to which mist sadistic methods used to disturb and mentally destriy were implemented. Yes, I was in Lowicz today and was again demonstrated just what I have done(caused division and hatred) here via MKultra, by meeting and identifying licals, but all in all its Poland which commited most horrific autricity known to human kind to me personally.

I complerelly reject notion to barry any kind of responsibikity for being tortured by Polish state and causing as such harm to other human beings. I in fact accuse state of Poland of hurting me as well as other people intentionally for the sake of filthy political game to which we wittnes in Warszaw via Mr. Kaczynski, Morawiecki, and Duda.

Thus Polish police as explained in coming video tortures and looks into personal wallet 24/7. I cant live in country like this and reject idea to accept responsibility of any kind for lives of others that were effected by such misdeeds.

Poland owes me appologee(will not accept one), and I owe myself to hold one responsible for ruining me 25 years of life and all other issyes which took place in 2018/2019.

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