Friday, October 4, 2019

Today, I feel more Chinese than anything else.


70 years ago you burned entire Europe to the ground - AGAIN !!! Technology and money came from US.

20 years ago via my case, you started to take from European nations(Spaniards, Italians, French, and British) the creativity desire - gesturing them via corrupt politicians willing to sabotage own economy that everything is run better under your flag(good bye Seat, good bye Fiat/Lancia/Alfa/ Rover etc)...that people as people should see themselves in mirrors more like you(they did and numerous were turned as a result into wondering vagabonds).

2015 - War in Ukraine exploded. 13.000 lives lost and enormous parts of country lost. Russians alone begun to suffer deadly consequences of social engineering in Russia where over 20 million are on less than 1$40 per month budget. The same one from London who destroyed British car and other industry supplied Putin with stolen British military technology - Americans contributed to death as well and Germany p;aid for one via oil purchasing.

Today, You YOURSELF are lagging behind the world as a result. Your German CORRUPTION took away from Europeans THE CREATIVITY which created European civilization.  You were still hiding in jungle forests(climbing trees like monkeys) when Roman soldiers walked around with upright posture - bringing civilization(unfortunately it was colonisation slavery) to remote areas of the continent including yours.

As you alone suggested in 2006, Chinese along with Asian brothers and sisters are today technologically marching ahead - leaving German car quality MORE AND MORE in rear mirror of the history...what will you do now(its where entire European wealth became centralised via corruption) beside crying about these issue via enslaved European car makers and other industry to the people of Europe !!?????? Beside "common European army"(yeah right aha - we have seen that during WW2) and wandering around jobless, should they start further saving by sticking fingers in their *&*&* to see themselves "more German" !!?????

Whenever you asked me what I see myself as and I answered you with "as European"(Slovenian was super discouraged), you disliked answer... I know now why. Not impressed with your past and present contribution to Europe and even less by your criminal ethics which pertain to my own case. You are a BAD BAD news all around.

Why Chinese(above), I probably don't neeed to explain...through slavery/suffering pain they raised into what we see today. I AM PROUD TO HAVE SLEPT IN THE FOREST(EVEN IF ONLY FOR 3/4 DAYS) AND DIDN'T MISSED WORK EVEN FOR 1 MINUTE. You are a SHAME for humanity Germany.

@Bucking palace - what I have seen was lie that grew over years into higher and higher amounts of money which you claimed you owe along with Germany, US etc. till it was time to forget it all(block me on European court and choke me like this via forced unemployment on West and Eastern European psychiatry for no less than 25 YEARS - FORCED UNEMPLOYMENT, TORTURE, ND MORE TORTURE - SEE NOTHING, HEAR NOTHING, KNOW NOTHING YOUR FASCIST NEONAZI BEAST SERVANT DONALD TRUMP). DO YOU UNDERSTAND AT ALL WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME AS A HUMAN BEING AT ALL !!????

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