Tuesday, October 1, 2019

My experience with Polacks

Video part 1 can be also seen at https://youtu.be/a_sagof3mHs or
1 of 2 My experience with Polacks.mp4

Video part 2 can be also seen at https://youtu.be/RBLzoBAy6Zg
2 of 2 My experience with Polacks.mp4
Vote for conscious my advice for Polacks on this elections...

This https://youtu.be/9wk4JYDAJ1Q (I mention work related health issues in video as well) was posted online yesterday and today(Oct.1st) is when I was fired from mentioned in here seen in video #2 employer.
Was in extra pain last night due to schedulle which was implemented from day A. Will discuss this and other issues with government officials when submitting them complain about what exactly went on in this company.

I was told this will happen under MKultra and even reminded in present by people involved in MKultra case. Just prior to end of 3 month period which would give as suggested under MKultra so much an opportunity for financial loan :) Well, yeah...

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