Sunday, October 27, 2019

Don't confuse few with majority in my case

I love Zgierz and I love Lodz. You can't love Lodz if you don't love Zgierz.

Job I had in Zgierz(first job in Poland) was by far best job I ever had. It made me feel great to go at work where I was capable to demonstrate to locals and beyond(Ukrainian workers) everything West gestured(conditioned with) them as over the years(basically as being worthless).

I would have done it over and over again for the price of being confined to wheelchair if I had to.

 Zgierzans demonstrated me solidarity with one another and its time for Poland to demonstrate solidarity with Lodz(son of Zgierz - tiny Zgierz as I was told is older than Lodz :) Make one capital of the great country known as Poland for those who played with Polish sanity via money issues to understand where they were. To attract instead investors willing to invest in Poland for the love of the country as is and for the neonazi "more perfect as it should be" sake.

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