Sunday, October 27, 2019

If Donald Trump could, he would issue an order to shut American workers in legs too(not only Mexicans)

Donald Trump HATES workers. Bragged about how Chicago and Detroit(labor societies where people of all backgrounds got along very well) should be destroyed entirely industry-wise(GM, Pontiac etc.). He hates labor unions. HE HATES AMERICAN MADE and at no wonder plays with the sanity of young/old job seekers which are abused rather than exposed to normal working circumstances in between.
FUNNY EXTREMELY ABUSIVE JOB APPLICATION FORMS APPEARED ACROSS THE US CONDITIONED BY COMPUTERISED INTERNET DATABASES FROM WHICH EACH AND EVERY EMPLOYER HAS ACCESS TO POTENTIAL WORKER'S DATA, YET THOSE AREN'T THERE TO HELP BUT INSTEAD COMPLICATE - RUIN PEOPLE'S LIVES PER SOCIAL ENGINEERINGS. Applications such as list all your previous employers, list their phone numbers with a beginning ending date, why you left if you weren't fired(fired means end of employment - employers created Orwellian wizard which asks if you left voluntarily or were fired,  and even if you left upon receiving a warning and more options).  They want to know your address - all your addresses - you are suggested more than three addresses or job within 10 years or so means no employment and so on and so on...list what your supervisors would say to you and give their personal numbers...give three telephone numbers from three of your friends, so they can be called and will give opinion about you !!! YOUUUZZOOOOOOO !!! And all from neonazi grab them by the pussy beast that now nests even inside of the White House.

File application few thousand times while having people lough to you straight in the fac e and lets see it...automated ATM cash machines alike machines are waiting further on applicants to harass them on mental issues - asking people funny questions related to depression etc...I personally did 30.000 rounds of these without the right to employment.

You young American workers(job seekers discouraged and denied the right to collect unemployment during job search) and job seekers aren't worth any less than human beings which are looking for opportunities to advance their capital through you...and foremost you are a human beings. You and your country are the one who contributed to the world more than any other nation in respect to technology and during WWII to peace/stability...its time for you to appreciate yourself AGAIN !!! See in yourself what you should - a human beings !!! Grow friendly ties with people from all backgrounds as America grew into what is today thanks to these ties.

I have the feeling you will be fired in "Casino The End for Nicky" way pretty damn soon. Something like in Benito Mussolini style.

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