Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Compelled into rental market - yeah

Fired just 8 days before I would become legible for credit its how was done.

Nevertheless, I am glad for latest reaction which followed up on my video announcement. It creates even bigger impression on this very country.

Suggested under MKultra(amongst other) was on how job will be given back to me and all done for me to tedt other opportunities...even that I would earn some money via compkain etc.

Am affraid I dont see it that way. Present landlird(all connected) getured that it will be all done in such way so that I could leave to Germany or some other location(UK specially) at any time - I told you, you cant win something that was done to destroy you(annihalate you).

Little does above mentioned money do for me when one needs to organize life and move on. Neither will Germany or UK see me ever again.

They have opened very cheap rentals (explosion of them) in Zgierz/Lidz area just as they(Kaczynskis) promissed wouldin "IN CASE IF THINGS WOULDNT GO WELL FOR ME" (hey, they organised whole thing so things wouldnt go well for me and not that thgey would want to help - to help is to prevent when you know something bad will happen to someone - but this is a real character of tgese people I was talking about on latedt video).

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