Friday, October 25, 2019

Tsar wannabe Putan Putanowich who placed his own ambitions infront of Russian nation's interest for the sake of his greed is traumatized with Trump's impeachment issues

This war criminal destroyed the world of inter Slavic relations and poses the highest threat to Russian security. He aligned himself for the sake of his tsarist title with neo-nazism across the Europe and Nothern America and is murdering targeted Russiaan population with forced unemployment(impossible work wages or forced unemployment while having society flooded with Vodka/drugs). Have turned Russia into addicted/dependable on West society which voluntarily rescinded its ties to WW2 victory.

Putin = enemy of the Russian nation just as Trump is the enemy of Americans. Two nations facing same crime issue.

The death now returned to Russia in a different form - in fact the biggest threat to Russians is a Russian with his group seating inside of the Kremlin.

Fight/smash NAZISM !!!

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