Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hospital identified as well as two physicians of which one was retired in either 2005/2006 or perhaps 2008

Exact timing is a problem when MKultra lasted for no less than 24 years...I also remember now stuff members(nurses - the one who was there also for the day in fact told me they will place her in hospital perhaps two years before we will eventually get into personal contact). The present doctor is from Lodz as I reminded myself of...older doctor who no longer is there I can point out from photo + contrary to present one, he was leaner, has worn frequently ironed shirts and pants(black/brown ironed on edge pants)...Its the same with the registration office of Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Marii Skłodowskiej Curie w Zgierzu and mental hospital attached right next to one out of which psychiatrist came out with gray hair - he was my first psychiatrist in Zgierz(year 2002).
Recognized doctor without doubt(from Lodz and had nothing to do with what Russians brainwashed have worked in an imaginary building located next to lake and where now parking lot is)...I remember changes done to hospital sometimes in 2005/2006...modification of side entrance into bigger one...SPINE INJURY A PLANNED EVENT !!!

Wojewodzki Hosp. - Recognized(Oct. 9th, 2019 when there) my first psychitrist in Zgierz/Lodz area when subjected to MKultra. Doctor who had me in her office with English speaking nurse worked in there already in 2002/2003 and so did other doctess whom I met on again next day...unfortunately, my acknowledging painfull spine reality, Slovenian MKultra crew loaded with so many hate oriented issues in respect to this location, that I loudly rejected her attempt to revive my memories via what was not themost pleasant way(indirect. gestured that I am pretending to suffer from spine injury, displayed hysterical approaach toward my questions on how to obtain temporary social assistance paper which I can use to file for since she could only give me one, disalllowed nurse/new stagist/trainee to converse further with me in English etc.... they refused to offer me hospital registration to obtain permanent physician in Poland, was suggested to return with translator due to poor Polish language skills and asked if Polish citizen so I can register in hospital and so on despite paid insurance which I still have).I APPOLOGISE MOST SINCERELY TO THIS LADY DOCTOR RIGHT HERE ON MY SITE AND THANK HER FOR REVIVING NOT MOST PLEASANT PIECE OF TRUTH, BUT STILL TRUTH...THANK YOU FROM SEBASTIAN.

Next door my first psychiatrist in this part of the world came out just as he promised would when I would come :)))


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