Thursday, October 24, 2019

ABORTION ISSUE - Women have the right to do with their own bodies as pleased as long as lives of other are not endangered

This is to answer Duda/ Kaczynski and others so much concerned with what people do with their most intrinsic feelings/own bodies and so on...answer to disturbed people as we basically witness to Trump phenomena(Grab them by the pussy hire fire Klux Klux Klan boss) that left us with semi mentally disabled people on top political stages to whom issues such as PAEDOPRISTS lets say or their own corruption issues(am I right Morwaiecki ?)...racist, filled with hatred, bigotted, expressing tolerance for crime/corruption, pedophilia issues that either less important to them as basic human rights which state healthcare alone should cover(at least first abortion and every rape) or its just that beasts are afraid to be seen as they are and are using finger-pointing as a technik to steer away from own phenomena - I think is both.

As a Christian, I am ashamed of some who believe to have the right to violate most sacret in this world. That is our women's basic rights(with that kind of attitude, we would be still climbing trees). If we don't exist to serve our women with here mentioned, we don't deserve to exist. Adult women raped - Fetus not same as again raped child issue !!! The difference exists between removing fetus and causing physical and mental pain to adult women and children. Sickos.

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