Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Translated car sale - Trump's art of the deal :)))))

TRANSLATED: Skoda Felicia year 1999, engine 1.6 with everything paid in for another year(could only understand as insurance/technical examination as there nothing else could be) for sale by First Owner

142.000 kilometers, 1st owner, car from Poland
Car without any halls due to rust, central locking, servo, air bags and so on...

Reality: 7 days to complete the technical examination or face fines(examination 1/9th of car cost), different from factory specifications wheels with tires(another 2/9th of car cost if 40zl is each), Catalytic converter stolen from car(technician gestured me more than the double cost of the car, but isn't that bad) due to what mechanic gestured me most likely is silver. He also wrote approximately 2000 kilometers less than what car has...and so on :)))


Changed immediatelly upon car sale completion...this taken from gas station 5 minutes away from where car sale took place on my home same night :))))

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