Sunday, October 13, 2019

I have no intentions on leaving Poland any time soon and likely EVER

Just to answer speculators from abroad and domestically. Nor are US or London of any interest to me. At least till US of which citizen I am, proves world that I(my life) matter - basically thaat I am more than a slave certificate(known also s US citizenship) given to me in 2000 for purpose of most severe torture that ended depriving me off 25 years of life via forced job search and psychiatric torture...

You United States of America government where I emigrated in 1995 is responsible for turn my life took ever since - not Russia and others where you took me for torture. Unheard(from the perspective "disgusting") of have hd happened in any country prior to my case.

When you place on supreme court trial individual known as Donald Trump and his family members(Jr., Eric, Ivanka), I will reconsider above mentioned. Nothing till then. USA is listed as a NO NO in my book.

If you do like to know how I feel about US, think WW2 concentration internees during imprisonment in there.

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