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Complain submitted yesterday on 12th to inspectorate for work in Lodz, Poland

Will repeat this post as is very important for me / Dont't want modified mainstream media junk to cover one.

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How my spine was broken in Poland
General complain:

There was no written and no verbal rules on how to properly handle heavy material in either packaging area or at upper SSM(production line). NO WRITTEN SAFETY REGULATIONS WHICH ONE WOULD KEEP IN RESPECT TO HERE MENTIONED BIGGEST HAZZARD(spine injury) WERE EVER HANDED OUT.


Initial safety training at Aleksandrow Lodzky was solely concentrated on fire alarm procedures and how to position pallets, so those wouldn't pose safety threat. I repeat from training, “lift boxes cautiously, so you will not hurt yourself”.

Refusal UPON MY REQUSTS from supervisors to obtain me a new work schedule since one ended for the month(not only for work schedule purposes, but also because hours of work changed due to summer vacations – I proudly accent to have declined offered vacations just so company could benefit) ended with distribution of falsified work schedule on what other superiors attempted with raised voice to initiate verbal reprimands/rebuke for my missing at work(something I have loudly rejected to accept), as well as disturbing private environment contributed greatly to the whole feel/approach of here mentioned issues toward workplace.

It was during this vacations time that I have in fact video recorded area of the wall where work schedules were posted – and my name didn't appear anywhere along with coworkers couldn't help me either as team work schedulles were suddenly replaced by schedules created for each individual working in packaging department individually(and even here not for all).

Example of work schedulle during which is suggested am off on 17th and 18th – note that new work schedule was not given me despite these two were last two days for the month on what attempted verbal reprimand attempt took place since I didn't appear at course few days after bellow schedule was given me where I am suggested on how I should be at work on here mentioned days...
Strange new work schedule where only my name appears suggests fraud...

Quick designed for location known as PPH Legs Sp. z o.o. - Dział farbiarnia

Video or of packaging area and even farbiarna(coloring)/ elevator etc...

Packaging process as mostly hired for:

Computer/scanner related issues:

A computer connected to the internet on packaging line logged me out approximately 3/4 times per 15 boxes till last week when one operated for the first time normaly and would keep me connected ongoing.

Eventually computer which was connected to internet, appeared to log me out(each time required from me to re enter my login information as well as re scanning of processing material) whenever I would begun to process packaging material properly what forced me to rather log myself in and out of the system prior to being thrown out of one(begun to implement after month and half to avoid total dementia). SCANNER WOULDN'T EVEN SCAN MY ID(take me once 10-15 minutes of attempts to log myself inside of the computer system via scanner) WHAT CONTRIBUTTED TO ADDITIONAL CONFUSION.


No written book/manual or verbal instructions was ever issued on how to PROCESS material on packaging line in PROPER sequence – was suggested perhaps twice VERBALLY on how to process one with great lack on logic in what should be processing instructions due to which following disturbance issues created by coworkers amplified issue of “logic” in one(irrational instructions were designed to boost confusion and deprive one of much needed concentration to quickly memorize certain operations – I was gestured that is in my best interest to work slow, but not instructed and watched over to properly process, position, and lift heavy objects).

No book ever issued where it would be explained for different materials and operations on how to process different materials and different orders as those required different approach in handling. We would on general use codes posted on wall for variety of material issues and pack according to instructions provided on material(boxes included), but this alone was far from enough as compelled me into subordinate which would repeatedly ask for additional instructions related to specific situations which I would encounter throughout the process(whether that was material not processed frequently on packaging line or were just exceptions due to lack of instructions – KEEP IN MIND THAT FOR THE FIRST TWO MONTHS I WAS WORKING SOME 75% OF THE TIME ON UPPER SSM PRODUCTION LINE SUPPLYING MACHINE OPERATORS WITH MATERIAL AND NOT EVEN AS HIRED FOR ON PACKAGING LINE WHAT CONTRIBUTTED TO ADDITIONAL MEMORISATION ISSUES AND WHOLE THING CONTRIBUTES TO ADDITIONAL CONFUSION).

When repeatedly challenged about this very issue(it specially applied to safety concerns from my side), my immediate supervisor never ever responded satisfactory. Book folder with few pages which was demonstrated to me for the first time after two months(all prior was answered with “it is in preparation”) or latter without my having the ability(the right) to even video record or photograph one since photocopies of one were not handed out(it was all about general information that applied to Aleksandrow Lodzky and not even Zgierz operations to which few nonsense pages were dedicated – nothing in this 20 pages or so folder paid attention to safety regulations or packaging workplace procedures itself).

Continuously prevented from concentration when processing material at the packaging department. Coworkers would immediately intervene with disruptions(issues would pile atop of one another anywhere from printer malfunctioning to meddling in processing operation of one – fast efficient and mind productive attitude strongly discouraged) of all kinds whenever I would concentrate and begun to process material in the proper sequence. MIND CONCENTRATION PROHIBITTED.


IMPROPER MATERIAL HANDLING ISSUE(as mentioned here) EXAMPLED/ENCOURAGED AND EVEN CHEERED(supported by laughter, special requests, nagging/disapproval, and even rejection to assist) THROUGHOUT ENTIRE 3 MONTH PERIOD:

Manual repositioning /dragging and pulling of heavy materials stored on yarn trolley contributed as a result to spine injury related to other work operations for which same forced spine movements were necessary.
Trolleys loaded with about 50 pieces of yarn on each side...
Loaded with much more than what you see here...

PUSHED INTO LOADING OF BOXES(assistance) ON PALLETS while coworkers would exchange to >>unload<< and process them as fast as possible via automated packaging line, is what my purpose in packaging department was for the first two months(lift 20kg boxes as high as my own height and place them on pallets – as high as 6foot/183cm).

Thus, I didn't get equal distribution of type of work even whenever working on packaging line(already experienced coworkers would use brain using computer and required procedures and got easy portion of work while I was used for the most part as mule – great way to break one's spine, and the worst way for one to learn – the worst way for one to introduce self into proper operation of work procedures – team work on automated packaging line was used rather to disturb in addition to above/bellow described issues whenever would be my turn). Best recorded example of team work which was even reported to police departments.

Issue of yarn trolley – if trolley(in 90% wheels of those didn't turn and would as a result had to be positioned by manual pulling – repetitive movement which had as a result creating extremely serious spine condition was used also on packaging processing line and is demonstrated bellow) when pushed would accidentally bent, rods could potentially even impale worker through his/her chest – never ever issued warning.

One of the two supervisors in packaging department(the two would never do or seldomly have performed lifting of heavy boxes) eventually insisted repeatedly on sewing material(yarn – weigh 1 or 2kg) during packaging procedures to be picked up individually(rather than placed on packaging table and from there inside of the packaging boxes) even from bottom of yarn trolley(lowest two rows on trolley) and placed one directly inside of the packaging boxes individually what as a result contributed heavily to other bent/turn/kneeling effect of spine related injury. His repeal whenever facing objection from my side was speed performance issue and indirect question infront of other workers followed on why have I applied for such job if painful...

Work on automated packaging line was distributed unequally as well in respect to body positioning – I was compelled to unload boxes in counter clock position for almost 95% of the time(have worked on packaging machine #2 – almost never on #1). And again loading them onto pallets in same fashion as no one wanted to even mention/explain this very issue throughout 3 month period. Importance of this very issue never ever was accented/mentioned.

Two packaging automated lines were designed to face one another meaning that per industry's safety regulations were designed for workers to switch(equalize) burdain/pressure on spine via rotational work. Second workplace was even improperly set, so one couldn't use injury prevention otherwise designed settings.

IMPROPER MATERIAL HANDLING ISSUE(as mentioned here) EXAMPLED/ENCOURAGED THROUGHOUT FIRST TWO WEEK PERIOD(accelerated creation of spine injury during job entry):
Was demonstrated manual lifting and processing of boxes which weighted 45 kg or more for purpose of processing on packaging line.

At the end of second or beginning of the third work week of work, I was introduced vacuum machine used for lifting of such heavy objects onto the packaging line what rather left me frustrated.


Theft of much needed by company issued marker/pen within first two days. Several pens disappeared afterwards and so did(within days) originally issues scalpel(knife used to cut boxes). Name calling on distance of up to 10 meters while laughing at times and no assistance needed whenever I responded to assist.

UPPER SSM(production line) process and “also” what I was hired for according to workplace regulation:



Pushing/carrying through floor boxes loaded with 50kg of material or even more to upper SSM production lines from SSM production storage area(approx 20 meters), repetitive pulling/maneuvering of oversized heavy material(up to what I anticipate was up to 1000kg – distance 10 meters) via manual fork-lifters from elevator to production SSM storage area, manual repositioning /dragging and pulling of heavy materials either stored in transporting bins of which wheels wouldn't allow myself or coworkers to be properly maneuvered(specific move used to apply heavy weight on spine and multiply very same as above mentioned type of side spine injury).
Pulling super heavy material went on on regular bases...

Recycling area in upper production department frequently left packed(with exception of the last day) with mountains of recycled boxes which previous shift left behind resulted in lack of workplace area thus compelling me into extra work, so my work could be even completed(boxes had to be first pulled out of narrow space, taped with duct tape, boxes with foil foiled, and then transported into designated area what resulted in extra time lost and the possibility of those even collapsing during transport/pallet packing).

Work required as well recycling of boxes – cut them, store them on pallets, and have them removed to area where those could wait till removed outside of the factory premises. Same with plastic material...I once removed 12 pallets of such material in addition to all other work performed...

IMPROPER MATERIAL HANDLING ISSUE(as mentioned here) EXAMPLED/ENCOURAGED THROUGHOUT FIRST TWO WEEK PERIOD(accelerated creation of spine injury during job entry):

Manual pulling of supply material from warehouse to upper SSM production storage area(500 to 1000kg per approximately 40/50 meters or possibly even more). Also encouraged by immediate supervisor pushing of 50kg boxes via ground/floor method to upper production lines/machines(10 meters).


No warehouse data on the material stored(no evidence in computer whatsoever and proposition to enlarge work orders with black marker for better visibility was rejected by immediate supervisor) in warehouse was stored anywhere, so I had to search for one visually throughout the warehouse before supplying upper SSM production machines with one located in upper production SSM area.

Raw material(Yarn) was supposedly store in certain designated portion of warehouse as demonstrated above, however, case was that I was instructed and occasionally demonstrated to search for one also in area of old warehouse and in low SSM production need to say criticized for doing so whenever I couldn't find one on designated warehouse area.

Video recorded when working overnight during 12 hours shift – two hours before end of the(at 0400am) work...newest warehouse size can be well seen here....

Belt could be used rather for horse riding purposes(dead weight lifting - 100/200kg dead weight lifting hard belt) – one felt could perhaps replace horse saddle as was uncomfortable as much as possible and was worn only by one supervisor who seldom ever touched box while obtaining from me statement on use of one from several coworkers which for the single day claimed the same as supervisor did.

I was compelled into repeatedly lifting 20kg boxes for the most part and under MK Ultra heavily discouraged to use even here seen belt which is totally inappropriate for the type of work I performed.

Belt as seen here is used as dead lifting belt in gym or special assignments - now for work I was compelled into also via total starvation.

THE EXTREME DISCOMFORT(I have never seen anything like it) OF THIS VERY SAFETY BELT, The amount of boxes which I have processed, continuous other activities(such as lets say box cutting and yarn packing) implemented, as well as heat and workers disapproval on what was already seen as slow work - have outlined my own rejection of one. There was a lack of much needed shirts(two blue shirts issued as a part of uniform for 44 hours per week work schedule) till last week of work when this very issue was used as well for further bullying purposes(last week at first two giant XXL shirts were issued to me on what those were exchanged with my L number, but shirts were imperfect and as such useless – smaller than small in sleeve area and much smaller than L size on general suggesting me over consumption of food during two 20 minutes breaks and in addition to verbal intimidations concerning this very issue).

All with exception of perhaps what totaled less than 20 boxes during 3 months period which weighted on regular bases 20kg and had to be staged atop of the pallet as seen above, were lifted and placed during my work at SSM production area by myself as its what I was told was my job as well(did for young and older males and females)...


Included yelling, screaming, theft of sensitive and non sensitive private items(even log in data into online banking accounts disappeared during by restroom urgency at one of the locations – two black T-shirts which I could use for work and exactly for this very purpose were stolen in private lodging settings as well), verbal and even physical assaults. Special attention just as the case was in Grotnikih was paid to timing issues – modified telephone timing as well as destroyed within days(one at workplace within less than 24 hours) two brand new watches(other watch which was send with great delay by shipper from Poland at home within less than 10 days from day of receiving one). Employer have modified timing on computer with attempt to confuse on Friday 13th and have neighbor smash filters out of air exhaust line inside of the bathroom at 0130 in the morning(Friday 13th in the morning)...Employer involved in Mkultra anticipated for me to bring out issue of disappearance on Friday the 13th since I have made an mistake on work data sheet due to timing modification on my telephone as well as on work computer. Last attempt to prove me wrong also went wrong :)))

Connection between employer and private lodging option 100% existed, but then again glass frames ordered in China were proven deliberately not delivered at my private address by Polish postal services after waiting on them for no less than one month(and second glasses frames order was finally served with delivery of two glasses frames two months latter with both bent – am writing this with scratched glasses lenses of which visibility was reduced to about 50% already year and thgree months ago or since I entered to Poland where I applied for political asylum)...

I HAVE SLEPT IN FOREST FOR THREE/FOUR DAYS BECAUSE OF TOTALY CONTROLLED REAL ESTATE MARKET IN CITY ZGIERZ AND BECAUSE I KNEW DUE TO MKULTRA PROCEDURE ON WHAT WILL FOLLOW ON NEXT LODGING LOCATION(it did make no mistake – its where I was no longer burglarized/physically threatened only, but even pushed by an individual connected to local police department with his forehead against mine).

Light spine injury would result already from number of moves(body twisting) required – never mind box load which ranged often between 10000 to 20000kg).



For the first two and even half month, I was most of the time(75%) of the time engaging as ordered in work at SSM – PRODUCTION line where as required by employer beside supplying 6 production machines with necessary production yarn material, would stock pile 20kg boxes(not only would supply production line with supply material for one to function) on pallets FOR 6 WORKERS and transport(also manually pulled them out of SSM to elevator and from there to packaging department) them to designated packaging area. No workers at SSM/production line with exception of less than 20 boxes during 3 month period, would lift a single box. It was all about crippling one and not safety regulations. Idea was to create and boost spine injury in as short time as possible.

I was actively engaging in heavy physical work of five/six people and at times was replacing even seventh person(because we should rotate on every 4 hours with one day work on SSM and three in packaging area – instead I ended on 12 hours shifts working alone 75% of the time in SSM production area + cleaning/ removing recycling material from designated work area whenever recycling employee was not present or shift prior to mine left me with as seen above jam). Whenever at packaging department for the first month(month and half), I was for the most part again used for manual stockpiling of heavy boxes on pallets for other employees.

Manager(kierownica) eventually reduced my amount of work during what was probably last two weeks of work at LEGS after my complaining her about work conditions as not described in contract. It was already far too late.


As a result of three months work at PPH Legs Sp. z o.o. - Dział farbiarnia in Zgierz, unbearable spine pain was produced, regular morning pain and numbness in middle fingers and right hand, pain in the mornings extends from spine all the way down to right leg...when coughing, I would almost fell on floor due to pain...weight increased due to morning pain as I would find morning release of pain in food consumption, muscle mass decreased opposite of what I anticipated was the case...I am asking you to launch a thorough investigation into this matter. Going from great health into junk status within three months and settling for unemployed status without any financial support(all as planned – one must either report as healthy to work employment office and continue with acceptance of physical duties or visit ZUS which requires 30 day home stay before 80% of income is covered – dealing with physicians so far in respect to ZUS was everything but successful).

Thank you
Avsec Bostjan(Sebastian)
Tel. 579-822-625

Employer went even as far as firing me for what one claimed was my not answering phone call, not meeting for extension of contract, and due to low grades concerning my job performance. Not only with work procedures, but I disagree with all stated by employer in this last paragraph.

I will still create video in which proving amount of processing of material(I physically processed at times way more if about 15 tones of material per 12 hours shift is not enough, but that night I have actually recorded event in packaging dpt. area, because I was prompted to add numbers – add another ) and one video which will be related to work schedule for you to see how that was manipulated when hours of work changed due to vacations.

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