Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Donald Trump had Americans(few of them) organised IN FOLLOW UP on first job I held in Poland

This is what I got(due to misleading advertisement on OLX) upon my arriving to the location as seen below. The individual was involved in MKultra, my SIM card yet again either somehow wasted or destroyed(if was my SIM card at all - at Lodzka individual cut out of card essential information from another SIM card, so I couldn't use one - frequent trespassing and vandalism a regular thing in all three post Grotniki's locations) what forced me to get one replaced in city Lodz(huge mall next to Castorama still without SIM cards - American cried to me about it already in 2015 about it) and what resulted in cost of what most likely was some 30zloty ride to nowhere. Either landlord or neighbor via landlord would frequently leave me gas inside of the apartment on, so I could smell my own money evaporating in air while showering myself with ice cold water - saving on electricity and not only gas - while breaking spine at local work and being tortured via directed energy weapons atop of it so others can treat my savings as explained here). Americans(Trump's selected deputies which even blackmailed own people involved in MKultra) impersonated all stated here because it could be like this and like that...not for Poland or USA, but someone else. Normal Americans wouldn't be anywhere even near around after they would learn about what goes on behind AMERICAN GERMAN IRON curtain of death.

Obviously had to look for work which is not requiring much physical effort related to hurt spine. An so was driven to English and even cab(taxi) employers for which I was suggested would destroy me if I wouldn't cooperate with Germany - could be like this and like that is what I was told by Americans which had me beside. Here the REAL answer comes out(already explained) on why Americans wanted complete control over MKultra and were investing waste amounts of effort in me. Some Zgierzan employers gestured directly that is expected of me to act as German spy translated to me under MKultra due to financial issues.
Kaczynski was deeply concerned about my possibly becoming anti-German in post MKultra period - rejecting to have anything to do with them what would actually cause Poland rather financial problems according to him. Sure enough wherever I go, bigggg American cars and "white pride"(try nothing/know everything 30/35 years old kids) ducks find their way around me - INCL. ON STREET INFRONT OF PLACE WHERE I LIVE....NOT INTERESTED AND I FIND TACTICS A BIT SIMILAR(very much) TO BELARUS !!! 

Americans(some not all) were engaging in extremely criminal behavior - demonstrating me under MKultra how things I buy never arrive or arrive broken were destroyed so my stuff became destroyed unless I would cooperate with Germans that is...bad bad bad 360 degrees. Sure not all of them. Many even caused problems to locals for locals to accept me better in the future when I return(they would do whatever they could to help me out - many hated Trump with passion)...many hated American psychologist hired by Trump to brainwash me into total failure...but few were truly bad(about 10% was bad).

Kaczynski insisted that if I continue to see bad new from MKultra, I am on the wrong path and will sooner than later find myself out of Poland. His PIS losers, however, did one scenario only and that was used to get read of me in as most disgusting and as fast as possible way. They created themselves 100+ exit points which would 100% turn away any individual regardless of how resistant.
Can be seen on above ad that criminal asked for me to pay out of pocket money for examination with a psychologist to become cab driver :))) same individual as in 2015 on same location unless one was used as a ghost location(they do at times to gesture that they didnt exist there yet or were not employed etc.). Not everybody is like the individual seen here - some involved in brainwash instead helped big time despite being confronted with same issues. 

I see these tactics also related to same other issue as to people whom I have hurt when subjected to MKultra...those most often desplayed concern for me, however, during car search whole thing was organised in such way that I would turn against them - rejected them completely and even blame them for huge problems. Therefore organised by Kaczynski's henchmen as a way to turn them away from me by pushinjg them away from myself via several incidents which supposedly(I believe I did hurt two people I managed to identify, but it is questionable just how much both were familiaruized in-depth with entire scenario's outcome) involved such people.

All over my compuer and all over my ophones/tablets - never was or will ever become interested in one again. What you see here in myv face at local emplyment office just s stte registration office nd all otgher locations which one would have to visit in my pants(or if in skirt :)))

Taken from car today. It can be like this and it can be like that...lights can be all green on way to center of the city or all red - its up to you.

I am in trouble with car as calatic converter was taken out of one...Americans were involved in this issue as well..."if you somehow manage to keep car tra lalaala we will then hupsasa trrrr and so on"...

Its illegal to take converter out, so I will place new one on car and charge seller via court for one. It will involve also lost timing issues and other expenses in the bill. Either neighbor or present landlord(neighbor am sure as two work together and the window was left open on what American passport and key disappeared) aso stole one of the three-car keys from me during second day and so on....Trump currupted local to engage in crimea and this will most liklely include new location where am moving to - for which American psychologist also gestured his fiat was completely taken apart when parked inside and so on and so on...I am only fascinated with nonresponsive attitude from UN...wondering what exactly was done to seal their mouths in respect to this case. How...why so many Americans and others are victims of electronic harassments and no one cares about them...no one says a word. Puzzled

I am Slovenian with the heart of Auschwitz's Jew. You all that are in search for German agent may want to look elsewhere and there sure will never again be "just one more time" in my life time. Happy to be in Poland and to serve Polish people.

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