Friday, October 4, 2019

To work inspectorate in Lodz city(Okręgowy Inspektorat Pracy w Łodzi)

On October 1st of 2019, I have received SMS and phone call in which I was informed from businesses manager about being fired for not answering phone call, for not appearing at meeting related to work contract extension, and due to what she claimed were unsatisfactory grades from immediate supervisor. I am referring to company known as "PPH Legs Sp. z o.o. - Dział farbiarnia" located at Benzantronowa 4, 95-100 Zgierz.

Theft of issued work related items accrued in this company upon by beginnings in one within first two days(from pen to markers, and even scalpel knife – whatever was left on workplace table – thefts
on pens then repeatedly continued throughout stay). Worked first two months almost 75% of time on other than packaging(SSM – manually supplying production lines with production material and removing one from production when completed) as hired for and would hand lift(move) at times even 15 or more tones of material per shift(20% of which higher than my own height 183 cm – boxes weighted frequently 20kg or more) till I would experience real spine injuries(pain in lower portion of spine, regular numbness in middle right hand finger and lately as well in left, and even spine related pain numbness in right leg). No training was provided on how to handle material – in fact improper handling of material was demonstrated/ encouraged(from beginning even for boxes which weighted 45kg were encouraged to hand lift and all the way to pushing them manually to production lines – supply was from beginning served by pulling manual forklift which weighted up to 800kg or possibly even way way more). At packaging department computer system used to enter item information would disconnect online processing sessions on every 3/4 times per 15 processed boxes which needed to be weighted(till last week of work). No work manual was ever given on how to properly process work(forget about few binded folder with few pages non related to work operation demonstrated last week for no photocopy was issued or would be allowed to even take photo of) and if one would manage to direct his mind to proper sequence of packaging operation, coworkers arrived to ensure further disruption of mental process as soon as I would manage to recollect mind from confusion. There was no information on items location stored in the warehouse either. Obvious desired outcome was well-anticipated dementia/scattered mind all over the place(total lack of concentration on work during rotating 12 hours early morning and overnight shifts). Employer was further assisted by selected private settings(housing rentals) where all sorts of violent activities went on according to Mkultra scenario(frequent destruction and theft of private property as well as physical violence – several wrist watches destroyed, as well as telephone timing modified to misguide on time – employer wasn't shy to modify/forge and lie even about work schedule with idea to reprimand me) which I have undergone in Poland between 1998 to 2017. An angry moode swinging paranoid schizophrenic approach(positive smiling - but job dedicated attitude discouraged) was continuously incited by demonstrating me(exampling me) job performance(on how its done) with certain work attitudes(expanded into workers relations related activities). Despite here mentioned, I am eager to take on next employment opportunity as soon s possible.


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