Friday, October 4, 2019

Audios in Polish language are coming as well

There is no secret that I LOVE Polish language. One reminds on Slovenian in many aspects nd I find one fascinating for many other reasons as well. s much as I was deprived from one, I managed to preserve enough to engage in somewhat decent conversation with state employee yesterday at the location described bellow...all these(for Polish people to understand in Polish language issues touching my case and their lives) are now coming live...I have immediate recognized state employees at mentioned location and even more important, ZGIERZANS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT ME :)))) They now recvognize me as someone from far past...I have also recognized geantleman from Zdunska Wola  who started optic(sale of glasses frames, lenses etc.) and whom we with Americans visited since play with glasses started...that means I have proof also for claim in respect to well ahead planned play(destruction) with about that😉

Was at Powiatowy Urząd Pracy, Henryka Barona 10, 95-100 Zgierz

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