Friday, October 4, 2019

American Ku Klux Klan boss(his word is as good as water in your hands = hatred = corruption) rejected/warned by Finish president to not touch him

Finland - THE country which was left behind during Winter War by everyone except her sons/daughters and God, demonstrates feeling toward corrupt hateful American coward

I salute Finland and always will because I know what it means to be forgotten - left behind for dead by entire world. Rather than laying down in ditches to bag for mercy, they took stand against aggressor which outnumbered them with population ratio 50:1(170 million in USSR vs just 3.5 million in Finland) to beat one up in Finish forests as hard as one could be beaten up(Joseph remembered Finland as the biggest lesson for the rest of his life). Misery loves the company and no one any longer wants to associate with one(bye-bye Trump - ITS HOW HIS OWN REALITY SHOW ENDS:)))))).

Mr. "Kill Them All" getting a bigger and bigger taste of reality. Nobody fears looser. His autocracy(Hitler wannabe which started his public career with "you are fired") laughable matter to real men and women. A punk thief, irresponsible criminal, corrupt hateful neonazi KKK boss and whole world knows it.

Wish Montenegran president had angry KKK shizoid wizzard pick his teeth from the floor back then...both small nations, but do take different stands when it comes to defending basic human dignity.

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