Sunday, October 13, 2019

Israel warned me about attempted Polish police crippling in Poland

Lead by Kaczynski and organized by Zgierzan police future crippling was organized event already in 2008/2010.

When in Israel, they demonstrated me vidos if factory premisses gesturing me organised future crippling. Local police officer from Zgierz told me that has to be done due to number of people hurt under MKultra - his son is in Norway.

Local hospital with doctor(there since 2006/2008) in one recignized few days ago...I, however, remember even first doctor in this hospital hiw he looked like before he retired...I remember also modification of building entrance when he still was there.

Crippling according to Xgierz poluce a MUST event because of my causing such a great pain/misfortune to people of Poland under MKultra.

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