Thursday, October 24, 2019

After exposing IMAGINARY SCHIZOPHRENIC GAME BETWEEN KACZYNSKI AND DONALD TUSK earlier today, German response in respect to WWII damages comes quickly quickly to Poland


The scariest to Merkel, however, is my plan to rebuild Poland. Related to

Here is what Merkel and her team belive would be in best interest for Poland(not money, but instead exactly as I have explained have done with Russia for which Putan Putanowich signed off all debts that Germany owed for WWII's reparations - they gave Russia blueprints for modernized and now already totally outdated tank toys/ planes etc., so one eventually assaulted Ukraine - Germany cashed war with oil purchase)...I cite German freeloaders from Bundestag where brought on knees today by me personally, "Berlin jest gotowy wypłacić odszkodowanie za straty wywołane podczas II wojny światowej w innej formie niż reparacje wojenne" - Translated = Germans are now ready to pay to Poland for war reparations, but in form other than $$$$....

Schizofrenic imaginary Game between two German neonazi agents Tusk and Kaczynski this way also came to and end now as the two have nothing left to hide infront of divided Polish society any longer...

Its money that Poland needs and not technology and free life time membership within society which rejected one based on physical appearance....

Poland must become along with Ukraine an independent nation that will freely decide about with whom, when, and why and so on. Nobody needs German advice. ITS 25 YEARS I LOST BECAUSE OF BERLIN ON PURE TORTURE !!!

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