Friday, October 25, 2019

Males shouldn't even have the right to decide about abortion issue

Its a basic human right - a necessity. A must in most of cases when rapes are involved.

As owners of penises which exist on this world to serve females, we males should refrain ourselves from the right to pose threat(TO DECIDE) to females in respect to basic right concerning abortions. 

Trump/ Kaczynski rather do the worst for Christianity in which NORMAL portion should reject pedophilia issues, as well as whoring of women, mistreating/ torturing workers, racism/hatred against different looking, corruption/criminality(theft of public funds) , most severe torture procedures of own citizens(MKultra is a satanic ritual), and so on.

A normal relationship with a female will fruit your offspring and a bad one may end even with here mentioned issue. Treat ladies nice to be awarded with the purpose of your life.

Keep the Christian values alive !!! Serve God through love !!!

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