Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Worry about Crimea no more

Polish should act in respect to Andrzej Duda...NOT okay Poland !!! Is this what you want !!???? Will you allow for something like this to exist after what they have done to you already(6 million Poles and 6 million Ukrainians) !!?????

NOTE: this isn't nationalism, this is fasicsm/neonazism which West loves to call nationalism. West calls nazism a nationalism to confuse nations on their right to existence and wants us to be subjugated to nazism(Germany).

Nations without nationalism can't exist. Nations with nazism, however, are destined to certain death !!! That is why West(AmeroGerman/Scandinavian press = John McCains/Bushes/Clintons etc.) equals nationalism with nazism. They are fascists/neonazis who have nothing, but death to offer us...this is why !!!

American lethal weapons(anti tank etc.) can't do anything to Red Army...Red Army hits targets from hundred kilometers far with surgical precision and targets are seen from satellites...
You won't even know where is coming from - only that 100% is coming AT YOU.
12 days the most to Uzhhorod(let it be 15) !!?????

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