Friday, January 12, 2018

What 9/11 was also - hypnotic move that might have paralized US into a subconscious state of mind(whatever was entered in people's heads prior to 9/11 might be still in there without their knowledge)

Make sure to watch my documentary(two parts are still missing)....

State of hypnosis(never revealed anywhere before publicly) is state of mind most often developed under subconscious.  Meaning that people are abducted in military/colleges/schools/hostels/hotels etc. and introduced without their knowledge new port(hacked port) that can be used in real time(at any time) to enter their subconscious mind.

What you see above is exactly how people(in masses) can be subjected to trans(obedience) prior introduced to them via MKULTRA. I think it did happen....there is much we don't know in respect to Western societies...are Western people even capable to defend their basic rights and freedoms under emergency circumstances !!??? I don't think so...if they were, they would have defended them already with passion. So far Ranch in Texas haven't experienced anything known as rage(what should be reality).

Yuppp. Knowledge I have about Mk-ultra(psychology/psychiatry) is sufficient to hold 10 doctoral titles.
What you see here can't be done(rarely) without prior explanation above. They tried and tried seen here on me and have failed over and over again...but yeah they can crack like this even most resistant individual because its all about amount of torture and their torture have no limits. Just glad to be out of America as is sick(dangerously criminal) as it gets.

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