Sunday, January 14, 2018

STUPID DO IT AGAIN - A must see for all Slavs

Learn from history, or pay ultimate price...
Video can be also seen at lower resolution do).
I don't care if they(Italians can go and blow themselves up again for their masters if they want to) want to remember, I have gone through this myself for you - do as pleased. Nations that forget own history are doomed to ultimate failure(know your place in this world or die). "Nordic Aryans" didn't change a bit and never ever will...they are same old same shit !!!!

NEONAZI EVIL(ultimate scum of this world) LOVES TO HIDE ITSELF BEHIND GOOD !!!

NOTE TO BLOGGER/JEWTUBE(because they delete videos even of others that I post on this site): if you delete video from youtube, I will have one uploaded to multiple video sharing sites worldwide(I ALREADY HAVE MATERIAL IN MY HANDS). Don't even think about it.

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