Wednesday, January 10, 2018

First brain mapping in Slovenia was performed on me in 2001/2002

It was preformed in Novo mesto's hospital when they brought me abducted from US. It was Rick Perry from Tx who brought(given to Slovenia and Eastern block for free) with me to Slovenia technology worth more than what value of local Krka factory is today.

For the reward, Slovenian state attempted to murder me and have even hospitalized for two years in mental hospital Ljubljana(was accused of having schizophrenia paranoia just because I dared to talk about MKULTRA). Same people who were involved in abductions, were latter on used also as psychiatric stuff in Slovenia which engaged in EXTREME violence against me.

Americans have told me that I will develop love for psychiatrists in Slovenia due to fear....I really did, I want to lobotomize(and will - this people are extreme threat to societies) each and everyone involved in my case.

4 hours long documentary is coming(and they wouldn't give me even political asylum in Belarus about which am rather quiet. Quiet because I don't want Russian people to fall in total trauma).

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