Wednesday, January 31, 2018

So called "knockout game" will be replaced by Elon Musk's flamethrowers because US government is just soooooo sickkkk !!!!

Pioneers of knockout game were actually AmeroGerman whites who have introduced one to American ghetto blacks with sole purpose/idea...the grand idea of racial war.
Individuals deeply excited about Elon Musk's flame thrower were foremost from Merkel/Macron and Trump...

And what will happen when blacks begun to burn on streets of ZIONAZI America !!???? will help psychotic maniacs across the day...lets say life will get a bit easier for them as they are nothing more than a blood thirsty parasites who feed themselves on human suffering(they love human suffering more than anything in this world - it makes them feel good about themselves)....they need excitement and its a smell of blood that excites them like nothing else out there(the temptation of hurting people is to them irresistible - they live to hurt/damage people)...

I would say that Trump is incompetent, but in reality in his head is nothing more than human s****t. Its a ugglier than ugly waste of oxygen and more than anything a threat to society(just as Bush who murdered 4000 Americans in a single day).

They brought them in as slaves and keep them as slaves to very, they will just burn them as they no longer are needed. They got bigger deal from Russia(proclaimed by West and self as "tsar" PUTIN) and neonazi fascist imperial Germany/Great Britain/France need fresh start...

Special thank you to Obama who helped things happen under his presidency.

You might have noticed how Paul Ryan(closeted neonazi boy) lately applauds Trump etc(all the hypocrisy is now gone)...nope, Elon Musk wouldn't dare to sell flamethrowers if he wouldn't get okay from US state department(Musk is very very close to the white house).

The Boring Company is getting decently well-capitalized on the back of sales of its flamethrower (yes, flamethrower). The no-doubt overpriced piece of knack, which can be made yourself at home using likely around $30 in parts, is selling for $500 and has already netted Elon Musk’s digging venture $7.5 million.

That’s after just over a day of being on sale, and not counting the revenue from fire extinguisher sales (those sell for just $30, which is itself also overpriced). All told, Musk says he’s sold 15,000 of the flamethrowers thus far, with only a total of 20,000 available in total during the sale.

Chances are, we’re very near the total sell-out of the stock, so if you really want to own this potential piece of transportation history, you’d better act fast. Or you could continue living your life, and ignore this particular circus show in favor of paying attention to what will hopefully be the main act: Actually building a network of interconnected underground hyperloops.

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