Tuesday, January 30, 2018

JOHN MCCAIN'S NEONAZISM/FASCISM FLODED STREETS OF UKRAINE: Nazi-Police State Ukraine: New 'National Squads' created in Kiev [VIDEO]


This boys will soon grow into men with no homeland(many will stay without roof over their heads - homeless) - resold(first time they were sold when AmeroGermans turned them against brotherly Russia; now they will be resold as free workforce/slave commodity and hatred mindless neonazi tool) on John McCain's human auction markets across the Europe and America...new(fresh)slaves coming...get your shekels(shackles) ready slave masters to get best meat...sad sad sad Ukraine...very sad Poroshenko !!!

From dninews.com:

The swearing-in ceremony of the members of the National Corps organization, created on the basis of the nationalist Azov battalion, took place in Kiev on January 28.

As the Facebook page of the 'National Squads' says, the body has been created "to ensure order in the streets of Ukrainian cities." The organization declares that it will not be afraid to "resort to the Force to establish the Ukrainian Order in the streets." According to the 'National Squads', this order will differ from the usual one by the "domination of the Ukrainian nation, which will not be oppressed by the oligarchs."

The 'Squads' are going to patrol the streets, they will do it for free and in cooperation with the police. However, if the activists consider that the law enforcement bodies are inactive, they will refuse coordination with the authorities.

It is stated that the organization exists for the donations of businessmen, and the majority of its members are former participants of the hostilities in Donbass. According to Ukrainian mass media, Igor Mikhailenko (Cherkass), one of the Azov leaders, became the head of the organization.

In Russia, a criminal case was instituted against the fighters of the Azov nationalist battalion under the articles "Abduction", "Torture", "Use of Prohibited Means and Methods of Warfare."

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