Thursday, January 11, 2018

Minister Omrzel(involved in my abductions and torture) is employer of niece(social engineering same niece) husband - entire

This individual got(just as Slovenian state did) a bunch of free technology from US for being involved in this case and have used his minister position(given to him by Pahor) for commercialism(to make special state contracts via his own company) till he got booted out of government. They became wealthy being around me(obtained exclusive licenses for technologies etc.).

Entire Slovenian national assembly is involved in this...
Its just a bunch of criminals(thugs/gangsters) that pretend to know nothing and act with extreme violence against targeted individual.

They even dreamed of me becoming a politician under MKULTRA(you will help people etc.)...nobody with sound mind would even give a thought to anything like this...

I will not help anybody because I owe nothing to anyone. And who would want to bail out of truth scum like this(they are worse even than Jews who sold Jesus) !!???? You could be the best man in the world, but with scum like this around you, one would never ever know what is happening behind his back(and then when truth comes out 20/30 years latter you are the one guilty for it all). Its just ab bunch of parasites(trained criminals/psychopaths) - thats all. In fact they have even used Jews(Israel/Netanyahu) to terrorize me...just amazingly disgusting

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